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Harp International has set up a refrigerant waste recovery service in Ireland after detailed consultation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Harp International in the UK has the largest stand-alone refrigerant reprocessing plant in the EU and holds a full waste permit to receive, reclaim or send for destruction such waste. Harp in Ireland (Harp Refrigerants Limited) currently holds a certificate of registration (“COR”) issued by Dublin South County Council to operate a refrigerant waste storage facility, from its premises in Whitestown Industrial Estate. The waste refrigerant will be transported via a trans-frontier shipment (“TFS”) for re-processing or otherwise to the UK.


A fleet of dedicated refrigerant recovery cylinders is available in 50kg (large), 20kg (midi) and 7kg (small). For larger projects 750kg drums will be made available on request. All of these are uniquely barcoded for full traceability. Harp Refrigerants will only deal directly with refrigeration wholesalers in Ireland or large OEM’s.


The cylinders will be invoiced on a worse case pre-pay basis (in other words the cylinders are filled to capacity (50kgs, 20kgs or 7kgs) and that the contents will have to be destroyed. Please note that hefty surcharges will be levied where the cylinders have been overfilled as this practice is dangerous. When the cylinders are returned to Harp Refrigerants each cylinder will be weighed-in on trade approved scales with electronic data-capture systems exclusive to Harp®. In the case of large cylinders (50kg) and midi cylinders (20kg) where the net contents are less than the maximum a pro-rata credit will be issued subject to a minimum of 30kgs in large cylinders and 15kgs in midi cylinders. For small cylinders (7kg) there will be no pro-rata credit.


Product Code Description Max. Fill
I688011 7kg RECOVERY CYLINDERS (Small) 7.0 kg
I688041 20kg RECOVERY CYLINDER (Midi) 20.0 kg
I688019 50kg RECOVERY CYLINDERS (Large) 50.0 kg


After the product has been returned to the UK and has been analysed; for all refrigerant waste which is reclaimable, a further retrospective credit will be issued.


  • Full traceability of ALL waste refrigerant movements in real time
  • Web-enabled access to generate waste reports (fully F-Gas complaint)
  • Dedicated recovery cylinder and drum fleet fully barcoded


... please contact your nearest refrigerant wholesaler for more details ...

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